When I paint it is like I have captured a moment in time and adhere it gently on the canvas so it can be preserved and cared for.

I was born in Cape Town and studied Graphic Design and attained a Diploma in Graphic Design and went on to work in a commercially creative industry. Over the years I have longed to come back to my first love of painting. I have recently sold my Design Studio and have fallen back in love with painting and have embarked on a wonderful journey. My work can be described as expressionist. I want the viewer to have an emotional connection with my paintings and actually feel something! I am now painting full time and will continue to bring colour and magic through my expression as I believe we all need a little magic and just because we can't explain it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

I am inspired by everything. Nothing is ordinary. There is inspiration everywhere. i love to find beauty in ugliness and make people think and push themselves mentally. I love it when people look at my art and I see the lights go on and they identify a moment and something in their life. That is what inspires me, when people enjoy and love what i paint for them, like a piece of music or beautiful food. I love applying magic to the canvas and watching people become spellbound.


375  Main Road  Sea Point

Cape Town, Western Cape

South Africa

065 155 9036


Mondays - Saturdays: 09:00-18:00

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